Which comes first? Marriage or Engagment?

February 25, 2008

Funny thing happened to me this weekend. Ok maybe it wasn’t that funny coz it pissed me off so much.

I recently got engaged. Did the whole ask the parents thing, coz they are so old fashioned that Fred Flintstone could have been their neighbour, and got my answer! One of them wasn’t too interested in what I was saying but I really didn’t care. I was doing my bit.

Wouldn’t this person decide to sit me down yesterday and start bitching and moaning about the fact that my Fiance is walking around with an engagement ring but I didn’t bother asking if it was ok?!?!

*trying to get look of shock and horror off face and explain slowly* These were my words exactly.

me: But I asked you a week ago and told you the date I had in mind. 

Dummie: I didn’t hear that!

Me: *frothing at the mouth* But I said we wanted to get married. When people want to get married they need to get engaged first?

Dummie: No one explained it to me like that. Maybe I misunderstood!

Me: People who want to get married kinda have to get engaged first!

Dummie: Well it didn’t work like that in my time!!!!

For fuck sakes, ok those were not my exact words but I think it would have been appropriate. Can someone out there please tell me how things worked back in Bedrock!?!?

The arrangments have not even started and I already feel like running off and Eloping.

Was I wrong in not going back a second time? I mean I didn’t go and ask them the first time round for my fucking health! Was I asking them if it was ok to have the thought of marriage in my head? Was I then suppose to chat to them again when this thought developed into something more? Do I need to run all my thoughts past these people?!?!

I’m so not used to running my thoughts past anyone, apart from my editor who pays me and can kill me with one look if I fuck up. I see myself as an independent young man (oh shut up 25 is young) who has tons of respect for other people. I don’t get upset easily and there aren’t many things that get me down. I’d prefer it if people who were upset about things didn’t piss on mine or my Partners fucking battery because they have nothing better to do with their time!

Come on already. Get a life and get over yourselves. If Fred was here today he’d slap you with that fucking boulder!!!! yabba dabba doo dipshits!


This is where I’m at

February 20, 2008

Its been a while, No its been a freakin lifetime since I last posted anything but hell folks life has been seriously hectic these past few months.

Some very good news. I recently got engaged! So now my biggest worry is venues venues venues and menu’s! Unbelievable how difficult it is to find a decent combination. Either the venue is great and the food sucks. or the food is amazing and the venue looks like Michael Jackson.
I mean really now is it too much to ask?
We now have a list of a gazillion people who we have not seen in ages and don’t speak that need to be invited to the wedding. Just thinking about it makes my head spin and want to elope! But a little (ok maybe a big) part of me also wants to have the whole fairy lights on a wine farm with the band playing in the background. I’m such a loser sometimes! We’ll just have to see what happens.
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. Suggest some venues!

I’ve got so much to say but so little time. I have to touch on this Eishkom thing. We all know it was governments fault that we are in darkness now but this is soooo not the time for Eishkom to be doing a victory dance. The problem is still here guys. Fix it!

I can just picture it now. World Cup Final 2010 2 secs into kick off and poof no lights! At least our darling Trevor has decided to give them the cash injection they were praying for. I just hope they spend it wisely. No one left to blame now if things go belly up.

Till later days bloggers. be safe.



October 23, 2007

We did it, we kicked pommie ass baby.

*Batman believes that Thabo did a great thing by going to support the boys in person*

It was a scrappy affair at best. I mean finals are never really pretty, Bobby Skinstad (he with the perfectly permed hair)  & Percy Montgomery (Yes the one with the highlights) obviously Don’t know this. Anyways it was a messy affair and everyone was so very relieved when it was all over.

For some the moment was too big. My partner passed out 30 mins into the game. The excitement must have been too much. Also the fact that she’s not really sure what the hell those 30 dudes were up to kinda contributed to her being bored as hell.

I enjoyed every minute of it sipping away at some cider. Note to self, never drink ciders again, they f*&k with your head.

 The Mother City had already started losing it’s freakin mind hours before kick-off. Every car had a flag stuck to it’s window. It didnt seem to matter if you drove a BMW or a run down Taxi the SA flag was everywhere. It was a thing of beauty I tell you. Bars were packed, food places were sold out (obviously the bok supporters were nervous as hell, they seemed to be chowing everything and anything they could get their hands on). I’d love to know what effect the RWC had on our GDP!

If half these people actually stayed awake to see us win I’d be shocked. Once again my tummy was in a slight knot. only a slight one this time though. Think it had something to do with the fact that I’m now old enough to drink!

 The excitement surrounding the RWC got me thinking though. How brilliant would it be if we actually had a soccer team that could get us into even the second round of the 2010 soccer world cup? I mean it’s great seeing the best teams in the world but can you even begin to imagine the kind of excitement that would be generated if Bafana Bafana managed to score a few goals?

Anyways, I’m just glad the boys finished the job in Paris and brought the cup back home. John Smit is probably the best Captain we’ve ever had. GO BOKKE


World Cup Fever

October 17, 2007

Cape Town has never seemed more alive than on that fateful day the 1995 Rugby World Cup kicked off here at Newlands.

Two real heavyweights were set to face off to signal the start of what would be the most exhilarating journey any team and it’s supporters has ever been on.
In my corner to the left we have the Green & Gold of a bok team full of confidence and in my corner to the right we have the sheep shagging defending world champs Australia.

Commentators didn’t really give us much of a chance, but everyone in the stadium, pubs and people watching at home could feel something big was about to happen.

The air smelled of rugby that day and as Pieter Hendricks raced around old great David Campese (as if he wasn’t even there) everyone else knew what the rest of SA knew all along, WE COULD BEAT THE AUSSIES!!!

The most memorable thing to happen leading up to the final was probably the best fight scene in modern rugby. The Canadians decided to pick a fight and like any good rugby team our boys responded. I remember a red card or two.

Chester Williams scored 4 tries against Western Samoa, an absolute walloping considering we were a team who relied more on defense than anything else.

Meanwhile on the other side of the draw New Zealand had unleashed this monster of a man Jonah Lomu (ok he was only half human). This 100kg monster could run 100m in 12 seconds. If he couldn’t go around you he’d go right over you (poor England and mike catt).

So, the week before final time every Bok supporter in the country was hoping and praying that Lomu would twist his ankle in practice. (I’m still saying lots of Hail Mary’s for that one).

But alas the beast made it to the final, and what a nerve wrecking final it was. I remember my tummy being in a knot before the game, you know just in case Francois Pienaar decided he needed extra help come scrum time (if I was feeling like this how were poor Francois and the boys coping.)

It wasn’t the prettiest game ever (and it was the longest rugby match I’d ever seen, 2 hours at least) but when good old Joel slotted that Drop Kick we all knew the cup was ours. There was pandemonium in the streets. People who had never watched a game of rugby before the start of the world cup were screaming louder than the usual supporters. The rainbow nation was truly united!

There is nothing or hasn’t been anything since that fateful day that has lit up this country as much as the 95 world cup did but you can bet you ass if the boks win on Saturday we’ll all be cheering loud enough for them to hear us in France.

I haven’t had that feeling for a while even when we trounced England in the 99 world cup. But it’s coming around again. I’ve felt it from the beginning and I know we can take this one too.

Good Luck boys!


Sudden Death Friday

October 12, 2007

Well to say that this week has been a shitty one would be just abit of an understatement.

I’ve personally had many shite weeks in my life so this past one doesn’t even make the top ten.

there were ups and downs but obviously the downers are ahead with us heading into sudden death.

I hate losing so sudden death Friday is where we look back and show the past few days the middle finger. (bite me loser days)

Today I’m grateful for a few things:

I’m greatful that I have a understanding partner who gets me (oh shut up even I’m allowed a soppy moment)

I’m grateful that I can see, taste, touch, hear all the beauty that Cape Town holds on a day like today

I’m grateful that the people I work with are fantastic. Very odd at times, but pretty fantastic.

But most of all I’m grateful that God gives me enough strength to get through these kinda weeks. Its one of those things where I’m just glad He doesn’t give me enough strength to bash in a head or two. Smart guy coz heaven knows I’ve thought of doing it.

So watch out world, Batman is ready for you and know that I aint taking no prisoners. We’re here to win.


New Batmobile

October 10, 2007

r8.jpgThis is my new favourite car. I think the old batmobile has lost it’s appeal. The Freakin Invisible man has had more dates than me lately!

Spiderman has got women chasing after him, must be that silly costume. I mean the guy goes around town on a bloody scooter for crying out loud.

Apparently I seem a little cold and insensitive. I refuse to stoop to spidey’s level. I aint crying to get laid.

 I’d rather have the new car. I think it’ll work just fine. Will report back soon!


What makes a good boys night in?

October 10, 2007

Jack Daniels, beer, greasy food and movies with more senseless violence than a cape flats TIK house, that’s what makes a good boys night in.

Actually the only thing short of making it truly perfect would have been a stripper!!! *batman can feel the evil looks being cast his way*

*dragging mind out the gutter, this is harder than I thought*

ok back to the movies, first on the menu was Robocop. Before we started watching I had kinda forgotten just how violent this movie actually was. When brother mans arm got blown like clean off, I nearly chocked on my bloody chicken wing.

My kids are soooo not watching Robocop like ever. maybe when they turn 30, for the record batman doesn’t have any yet.

Next up was Alien v Predator. Very cool movie. Has anyone ever seen a person with dreadlocks move as fast as those predator mannetjies? *no one moves as well as batman, but they were pretty good*

The last movie is kind of a blur, for reasons beyond my control! Something about an empty glass feeling offended if he wasn’t topped up quickly of so iets. Even though I had a killer headache the next morning I still feel that we done right by those glasses! it’s not nice being left out 🙂